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Step by Step Roof Insurance Claim Process

Check out this simple guide that will walk you through the process of how to file a claim, work with the insurance company and your roofing contractor to make sure your home gets repaired as soon as possible and the insurance company covers your repairs.

  • \Assess the Damage
  • \Document Everything
  • \Call A Trusted Roofer
  • \Review Your Insurance
  • \File Your Claim
  • \Meet with an Adjuster
  • \Start Repairs

Insurance Claim Process In Depth

If you’re looking for a detailed guide to help you navigate the process of getting your home repairs covered by your home owners insurance then you can read through this in-depth guide.

Assess the Damage

It’s important to find out the extent of the damage done to your home as soon as possible. You should start this process with a cursory glance from the ground and look for any major damage. And not just roof damage, look for damage to your gutters, your siding, your chimney, your fencing, your deck/patio, windows or skylights. You’re looking for any place where the storm has caused damage to your home.

Next you’ll want to look for more subtle signs that there has been damage, like any signs inside your home of small leaks (like water spotting on the drywall, or areas where the drywall tape looks like it’s coming away from the rest of the ceiling.)

As a caution, if you think your roof may have damage but you’re unsure we advise calling a roofing professional to inspect your roof instead of doing it yourself. There could be damage that’s hard to see and has made it unsafe to walk on your roof.

If you’re not confident checking your home, you can also call Klausmair to come out and do a free assessment of your home.

Document Everything

Once you’re sure you’ve identified areas where your home has taken damage it’s important to document everything. Take pictures, videos, and detailed notes of what you’re seeing. What ever you need to show that damage has occurred. Klausmair can help you get the detailed pictures you need to properly show your case for insurance. Anything you can do to prove exactly where the damage has come from, what has happened, and that the recent storm was the cause will make your claims process that much faster. One way you can make this easier is to have pictures of your home from before that can establish a date and time before the storm that had no damage. So next time you hear that there may be severe weather coming your way you can quickly snap some pictures of your home to establish your “before” evidence. Afterwards you’re going to want to get your damage pictures as quickly as possible and before you’ve done any repairs or damage control.

Call a Trusted Roofing Professional

Next have a roofing professional come out and give your home a second assessment. This will serve several purposes for you. The first is having a trained professional to look over your home may be able to find other areas of damage that you hadn’t noticed before. The second benefit is to have a professional who knows exactly how to safely assess your home without causing more damage to your home or to themselves. We have over 28+ years of practice with insurance and know how to help you get the most in your claim.Next, having a roofing professional to assess your home and take their own pictures to corroborate your damage claims will make it easier when going through the claims process. Finally, your roofer should be able to give you some better idea of what to expect with your insurance process and will be a resource in your corner to help you navigate claims and watch out for common areas people can get tripped up when dealing with insurance.

Review Your Home Owners Insurance

It’s important to find your insurance policy before you give them a call. Read through and make sure you understand what is covered and what isn’t covered under your current policy and what your deductible for storm damage looks like. If you’re not sure where your policy is try contacting your mortgage company since mortgages require home owners insurance they should have a copy of your policy or at least will know the name of your insurance company that you can contact for a copy of your policy.

File A Claim

Now that you’ve done the prep work it’s time to contact your insurance company. This can go about a couple of ways. The first is they may have a designated online portal for policy holders to submit their claims and start the process. If not, it’s as easy as giving them a call and saying you need to file a claim. They will walk you through what to expect from them and what they will need from you. They should also schedule a time for an adjuster to come and make their own assessment of your home.

Meet With Your Adjuster

When the adjuster comes out to your property they will be there to act as the intermediary between you and the insurance company, so the more information as you are able to pass along to them the better. You can also ask your roofer to be present as well to help communicate with the adjuster. Klausmair has plenty of experience dealing with adjusters and can help you get the best chance with your insurance company and will help you maximize your claim from your insurance company.

Start Your Repairs

Finally comes the part you’ve been looking for. By this point your insurance company has determined how much they will be helping with the repairs and your roofer can get started.

You can also talk to your roofer about using different materials for your roof if it’s going to be a full roof replacement.

You can learn more about our storm damage services here:

We just hired Klausmair to replace our roof, siding and gutters as well as to replace a window. We couldn't be more happy with the improvements! Chad, Evan, Kevin and the crew were informative, professional and communicated well. I would definitely recommend!
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin
Bryan went above and beyond to ensure all of our questions were answered and we were 100% satisfied throughout the entire roofing process. 10/10 would recommend!
Kirstin McClune
Kirstin McClune
My house had defective Flex Lite for exterior covering. I also had water damage on an exterior garage wall that needed to repaired as a result of poor initial installation of the Flex Lite and guttering. After several visits discussing the issues, Klausmair construction quoted every detail of the job. They removed the old Flex Lite and installed vinyl cedar shake siding. They were neat and fast. It was a pleasure working with them. I would absolutely recommend them to others. As a mater of fact, a good friend of mine is using them for a big exterior job with similar problems that I had.
Robert Laragione
Robert Laragione
Recently used Klausmair for roof repair. Was responsive to my phone call for a quote and subsequent job repair in a short turnaround . Evan and all were very professional and knowledgeable. Would use them in the future.
Anna Fulginiti
Anna Fulginiti
Outstanding service and exceptional quality craftsmanship in our exterior remodel. Will definitely be using this company again.
Steve Woratyla
Steve Woratyla
As a portfolio property manager, building relationships is important. This is a company you want to a relationship with. Kurt, Evan, Chad and Kevin give me the absolute best service! This is the only company I call for my roof, gutters and the most challenging situations that need to be fixed because I know the job will be done right and in a timely fashion by the professionals that are experienced and will give me the best service that any contractor will give.
Maryellen Chenoweth
Maryellen Chenoweth
Kurt Klausmair arrived at my door on time and prepared to tackle the issue which I thought was a water leak in my ceiling . He explained to me that this was not the case ( to my relief ) took the extra time explaining to me how and why this was not the case . His professionalism and the willingness to take this time was very impressive. I would recommend his services to anyone .
Bernie Cederholm
Bernie Cederholm
Got a quote few days approved and within 3 to 4 weeks job was complete. This company was very prompt and professional. They installed new gutters, flashing, capping and vent soffit. House looks amazing, job well done. Asked for a few small things to be fixed and within a week it was completed. Would recommend to anyone.
Jeff Kish
Jeff Kish
Bryan was fantastic to work with. Very flexible and the job was done very quickly. We have a flat roof so it wasn't much to do as it was just an upkeep repair. We didn't have leaks or anything but now have a new roof for at least 15yrs.
Patty B
Patty B

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