Spring Cleaning Your Roof Checklist

The change in season can bring issues to your roof and gutters that you should be monitoring. Here are a few quick tasks for your to-do list as you look to tackle your spring cleaning chores this year.


Spring is the perfect time to do a full inspection of your gutter system. Is there any damage from snow, hail, or ice? If so, then you should look at fixing and replacing them now. By keeping up on with the maintenance on your gutters, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your home.



This is something you want to keep an eye on all year, but it can be challenging during the winter months. Piles of snow on your roof can easily hide various debris lingering on your roof. Once you have some clear visibility, do a quick sweep of your roof to ensure you don’t have any rogue branches waiting to wreak havoc on your roof and gutters.



While you are up there checking your gutters and removing debris, take a close look at the shingles themselves. Are they chipped? Are you missing any? Are any lifting or curling? If the answer is “yes” to any of those, then spring is a great time touch up those issues. Preparing your roof for spring showers will go a long way in preventing any severe damage to your roof and home.



While you’re up there clearing out the attic, you can knock an additional spring cleaning task off your list by taking a close look at the ceiling. Take note of any moisture or damage (or hopefully lack thereof) in your attic. If you do spot any damage or potential moisture issues, don’t hesitate to take action because those spring showers are only going to make it worse.


Roof and gutter upkeep is time-consuming and is a year-round task. However, the more persistent you are with maintenance, the easier it will be to check it off your list in the future.

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