As people are becoming more hopeful of the summer and fall months getting back to normal, and the pandemic coming under control, contractors all through the industry are preparing for the massive wave of projects. Ever since last March people have put the majority of their home improvement projects, and new construction projects, on the back-burner. But now, with vaccines going out and with consumer confidence about life going back to normal, experts are advising contractors to be prepared for the wave of projects.

So what does this mean for the average homeowner?

Start Your Planning Now

Schedules and calendars for contractors of all speciality are expecting to get booked solid quickly come springtime. So if you’re looking to make some improvements, renovations, or replacements, you’ll want to start talking to contractors now. It doesn’t mean you have to start the project right now. But get your estimate, start working out the budget, and come up with the timeline for your projects now so your contractor can get you on their books.

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