A Competitive Advantage
Harnessing Drone Technology

Cutting-edge drone technology could provide smart, powerful, integrated insights into the condition of your community’s roofs. Why wait for a problem to act? Access the power of assurance, today.

When HOA boards and property managers are equipped with better information, budgeting, forecasting and planning become easier than ever before.

When properties are inspected with our proprietary drone technology, the digital twin yields pinpointed damage details along with precise, granular measurements for precise estimating. This information is made available in real-time through cloud-stored reports in conjunction with precise planning details to take care of immediate needs while planning for the future.

When drone technology is utilized in conjunction with Klausmair Construction’s Maintenance Plan, communities receive:

  • Safer, faster inspections.
  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA) reports on the Cloud.
  • Customized preventative maintenance plans.
  • Baseline and ongoing inspections.
  • Untold savings per property.
  • 24/7/365 weather monitoring.
  • Accurate project estimates every time.
  • Actionable remaining usable life reports.
  • HD time-stamped imagery.
  • Supplemental insurance plan information and assurance for property owners.
  • AI and image analysis for objective damage detection.
  • Post-weather event expediated recovery.
  • Highly-detailed asset documentation, and so much more


Drone Report Packages


  1. Roof Replacement & Budgeting Report
  2. Repair Budgeting Report
  3. 24hr Storm Monitoring Service
  4. Roof Life Expectancy Report


  1. Cloud-Based Document Storage
  2. Ariel Measurements
  3. Registered Roof Warranty with New Roof Replacement
  4. Ventilation Calculation Report

Another Way Klausmair is in Your Corner

Maintenance Packages

We’ve got something for everyone. Choose from our Gold, Silver, or Bronze packages, or customize your maintenance packages with our A-La Carte menu. 

“If you are one of the lucky individuals who owns a piece of history, you deserve a company that is devoted to preserving your home’s integrity using today’s technology and energy efficient materials.” – Kurt Klausmair