5 Signs of a Roof Leak

There are many obvious signs of a roof leak. For instance, if a waterfall you didn’t install shows up in the middle of your kitchen, then you most likely have a leak. However, there are several subtle signs of a roof leak that you might be overlooking.

roofingMold and Algae

The appearance of mold and algae may not be causing a great impact on your roof shingles but it can cause significant damage to other areas of your home. Not only can mold bring damage to your walls and ceiling, but also your health. The appearance of mold can be a sign you have a leak somewhere in your roof.

Curling or Buckling Shingles

A lot of things can cause your shingles to curl or buckle, however, if they do start to do so the shingles cannot adequately protect you from leaks. These types of shingle issues can give way to small leaks that can lead to many issues, including mold.

Exterior Wall Damage

Potential leaks aren’t just something you can spot on your inside walls, but also your exterior walls. If you notice spots forming where the wall meets the roof, then this could be an indication of problems with your flashing.

Debris in Downspout

If you are noticing a lot of shingle debris in your downspout, then you may be experiencing a serious problem with your roof. Crumbling shingles make it difficult for your roof do its job in protecting your home from water damage.

Dark Stains on Your Roof

Ok, so this isn’t so much a sign of roof leakage as it is a sign that you might be headed toward a leak. As we discussed at the top of this list, mold and algae forming can cause serious damage to your shingles that can lead to a leak. One of the first signs of this is dark stains on your roof. Best way to keep your roof clean and clear is to place zinc strips near the ridge of the roof. This way when it rains it can kill the forming algae.

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